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Wood End Academy Activity Passport

Here at Wood End Academy, we are very proud of the extensive extra-curricular activities available for our students. We have a great variety of clubs and activities taking place from boxing to Bollywood dancing

We feel that providing and encouraging children to take part in these extra-curricular activities complements their academic learning and helps develop many skills, boosts self esteem and encourages a life long love for learning.

In order to make it even more exciting, we have developed our Activity Passport. Children keep a record of all their clubs and activities in their passport and at the end of the school year those children who have earned at least 25 hours will be invited to our very prestigious graduation ceremony. 


Where can we go and what can my child include in their Activity Passport?


We are extremely lucky to live so close to so many amazing museums, art galleries and historical sites - many of which are free to visit. Just a short journey and you could be exploring the Science Museum, Museum of London or Natural History Museum, walking through royal palaces or strolling through beautiful parks. Many have activity trails available to help you access the most exciting exhibits. 


Lots of our pupils also attend a variety of clubs and activities such as sports, scouts , dance etc. All of these can be included - if you are unsure what exactly can be put in the passport , please contact us.


The middle pages in the passport are a selection of activities that your children can complete at home independently or with the family. For these additional activities we ask for evidence of completion. This can be photographs, receipts, diaries or scrapbooks. These can be uploaded to the Activity Passport Virtual Classroom which all children have access to.






Beavers, Cubs, Scouts



Rainbows, Brownies. Guides



Football, gymnastics, martial arts, cricket, tennis, swimming


Art, Drama , Dance & Music


Learning an instrument, attending drama or dance 


External Tuition


If your child attends tuition centres such as Explore Learning or Kip McGrath, these hours can be included






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