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Who’s Who

Come and meet the staff and Governing Body at Wood End Academy!



Executive Head Teacher: Mr W Stainbank


Head of School: Mrs P Smith


Phase Leaders: Mr A Aggarwall (Year 3 & 4), Mr I Greeves (Year 5 & 6)


Teaching Staff: Mrs V Williams (Year 3) Mrs S Patel (Year 3), Miss N El Sibai & Mr A Aggarwall (Year 3), Miss J Lucien (Year 4), Mr M Sturge (Year 4), Miss G Dayal (Year 4), Miss A Kowalska (Year 5),  Mrs S Mahendran (Year 5), Mr I Greeves & Mrs A Houston (Year 5), Mrs M Punny (Year 6), Mrs M Farmery (Year 6), Ms R Harries (Year 6), Miss S Madgwick (Year 6).


Designated Safeguarding Lead: Mrs P Smith


Special Educational Needs (SENCO) & Inclusion Manager: Miss L Morton


EAL: Mrs J Manku


Teaching Support Staff: Mrs E Balalians, Mrs B Bertin, Mrs T Bromley, Mrs K Campbell, Mrs J Phillpot, Mrs M Wilson, Mrs M Rushiti, Ms D Murray, Mrs P Topiwala, Mrs G Vince, Mrs J Manku


Other Support staff: Mrs K Trent (Librarian), Mrs G Howarth (Display), Mrs J Barnes (Health Advisor)


Admin Staff: Miss C Temple, Mrs S Patel, Miss S Lindsey, Mrs L Smith, Mrs S-J Francis


Kitchen Staff: Mrs L Chick, Mrs V Andrews, Mrs U Asim, Mrs L Lee, Miss M Kamau, Mrs S Pathma Nageswaran


Midday Supervisors: Mrs J Berry (Senior), Mrs A Alambrides, Mrs H Bharj, Mrs A Bhopal, Mrs P Cayless, Mrs C Psaradakis, Mrs T Sehmbi


Cleaning Staff: Mrs A Bhopal, Mrs C Dhokia, Miss C Kirkland, Miss P Mistry, Mrs M Dabrawska, Mrs S Pathma Nageswaran


Site Manager: Mr D Cardiff

Governing Body


Chair of Governors: Rev M Hider


Vice Chair of Governors: Miss J Evans


Governors: Mr W Stainbank, Mr P Srivastava, Mrs P Goss, Mrs J Phillpot, Mrs L Smith, Mr M Haresnape and Mrs M Sule. 


Clerk to the Governors: Mr G Lampard