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Visions and Values


Wood End Academy aims to be a school of quality in which all children can develop their full potential, gain a sense of self-worth and prepare for adult life in a happy, secure and caring environment.


We shall achieve this by:

  • helping the children develop lively, enquiring minds with which they can acquire the knowledge and skills needed throughout their adult lives
  • providing access to education and equal opportunities for all our children
  • promoting healthy lifestyles by providing a wide range of cultural and sporting activities
  • developing the self-discipline and acceptable behaviour needed to become an active, contributing member of the community
  • helping the children to understand their responsibilities as citizens in a rapidly changing world
  • promoting understanding and respect for the religions and ways of life of others
  • having a well qualified, experienced, happy and caring staff who work together as a team to achieve our aims


We are proud to be part of your children's future.


Our 5 Values


R...I am a RESPONSIBLE pupil and I take responsibility for my actions

E...I show ENTHUSIASM in my lessons and in all my learning

A...I show a positive ATTITUDE when faced with tough situations

C...I am CARING and care for others and our environment

H...I am HELPFUL towards my peers, adults and others in the community